Chairman and Founder

Eng. Hassan Abbas
Abbas received his Bachelor degree in Architecture Engineering from Ain Shams University in 2004. Upon graduation and over the past 10 years, he was engaged as a design architect, main coordinator and a project manager in many projects. At the beginning of his career, Abbas joined Third Central Military and was responsible for the designs of many military buildings at Suez, Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai and Hot Aye like: Suez Stadium Sport and Mosa Eyes Tourism Visiting. After that, he worked as a project coordinator in Engineering Consultants Group (ECG). He worked on many projects like: Marsa Alam International Airport, Terminal Three in Cairo Airport, multiple branches of Commercial International Bank (CIB), many buildings at Smart Valise like Smart School, Raya Office Building & Conventional Center, Kenya Hotels Group (El Waleed Ben Talal Prince as a client), C-130 Military Airport (West Base) at Cairo Fayoum Desert Road.

Working in Dar Al Handasa, Abbas worked on (El Haram El Maky) Development and El Masaa (Safa And Marwa) Extensions. He also participated in designing Mudon Compound Project – Dubai Villas and Apartments – Golf Area. Before the foundation of VOID, Abbas worked as Project Manager in House of Design (HOD), Cairo Branch. He contributed to many prestigious projects like Al Zawia University Renovation Works in Libya, Al-Taraz Hotel, Danon Al-Obour Office Building and Rowad EL-Maadi Office. Then comes the foundation of VOID.

We have a team of talented skilled architects and senior architects. Team members perform their respective duties in accordance with a set planned schedule and budget, headed by the General Manager who is responsible for directing all project activities to sustain the quality conformity with design standards and practices adopted in VOID Manuals.

Our team is also encouraged to develop and continue training throughout their careers, which in turn rewards the Company and our clients with new ideas, innovation and a full understanding of the processes, services and products available to enhance our designs.

The Void team works hard yet maintains a friendly and informal environment. Regular meetings, yearly reviews and social events ensure our team members are engaged and involved. Employees know they are valued and that the Company supports them and their ongoing training and development fully.

Our Clients